Over 35 million Americans report having considered trying meditation, and 14.2 percent of the population says that they’ve practiced at least one form at some point in their lives. Whether you’re a new meditator or an experienced pro, the right tools can help you enhance your experience and enjoy more benefits from it.


     Listed below are some of the best meditation tools you might want to start adding to your meditation practice, complete with information on how these tools work and what, specifically, they have to offer.

Best Meditation Tools of 2022


Tibetan singing bowls (also described as Himalayan bowls) are types of vibrating bells. They produce a rich, deep tone when played and are used for relaxation and healing.


Buddhist monks have spent centuries using Tibetan singing bowls for meditation. Wellness practitioners like meditators, massage therapists, and yoga therapists also use Tibetan singing bowls during their practices and treatments.


Tibetan singing bowls are played with a mallet. To make a sound, the mallet is firmly pressed along the edge of the bowl or the outside belly. Some people also gently strike the bowl when starting their practice to signify its beginning.

For more information about Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, please visit our singing bowl page.

Pink Lotus Flower


     If you’re meditating in a noisy place or in a shared home, wearing headphones during your practice can help to block out unwanted sounds and make it easier for you to get into a peaceful mental space. 

The following are some of the best headphones for meditation:



     All of these headphones do a great job of blocking outside noise. They’re also very comfortable and offer superior sound quality.

Man Listening to Headphones


     Suppose you don't want to wear headphones but need some background noise while meditating. In that case, an excellent Bluetooth speaker can be the perfect accessory for your practice. The following are some of the best speakers for meditation:

     An honorable mention to this list of great speakers available on the market today would be the N.O.W. (New Origin Waveforms)  tone therapy system. They provide beautiful tones with fantastic quality and clarity for those who desire a quick meditation session. All of these speakers offer high-quality sound and are easy to set up. They pair quickly with your phone or computer and will help you to feel at peace while you’re meditating. If you are interested in trying to find the best kinds of headphones or speakers for you, please visit our "Meditation Headphones Vs Speakers" page.

Round Speaker


Binaural beats are often played during meditation to encourage focus and a sense of calmness.


A binaural beat involves two tones, one in each ear, each of which has a slightly different frequency. The brain then processes a beat at the difference between these two frequencies.


Music experts have studied binaural beats for a long time and have even used them to tune instruments like organs and pianos. They also offer potential health benefits, too. For example, some people find that binaural beats can help to reduce anxiety, increase focus, and encourage creativity and positivity.

Piano Keyboard
Guitar Shop


If you don’t want to play binaural beats during your meditation practice, isochronic tones might be a better option. 


Isochronic tones are single tones. They are played on and off regularly at brief, evenly spaced intervals. These intervals create a beat similar to a pulse and can be embedded in other sounds like music or nature soundtracks.


Isochronic tones offer many of the same health and wellness benefits as binaural beats. This includes increased attention, improved sleep quality, reduced stress, and improved mood.

Stressed Woman


For those who are put off by the idea of meditating because they don’t want to sit on the floor, a meditation cushion can be a gamechanger.


Meditation cushions promote good posture, protect the knees, and make your meditation sessions more comfortable. They also add a nice ambiance to your meditation room and may make you more inclined to sit down and practice regularly. 


The Florensi Meditation Cushion is a popular option available in a wide range of colors. For a more budget-friendly option, check out the REEHUT Zafu Yoga Meditation Cushion instead.

Children Meditating
Yoga at Home


A lot of meditators like to burn incense during their practice as well. Incense comes in a variety of scents, each of which offers different benefits. For example, lavender-scented incense may promote calmness and help you to enjoy better sleep. Cinnamon-scented incense, on the other hand, can increase focus and energy levels. 

Burning Incense


If you don’t like the smell of incense or don’t want to burn anything during your meditation practice, an essential oil diffuser could be a good alternative.


Essential oils are highly concentrated liquids made from plant extracts. Like incense, different scented oils offer different benefits (some promote relaxation, some increase concentration, etc.).

If you want more information about incense or essential oil diffusers, please visit our "Aromatherapy for Meditation" page.

Aromatic Oil


Malas, also known as prayer beads or meditation beads, consist of 108 beads.


To use malas during your meditation practice, you will count the beads from 1 to 108 so you can keep track of how many breaths you’ve taken or how many times you’ve recited a particular mantra. This helps you to stay focused during your meditation. 


Malas come in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials, from wood to stone to bone. They look beautiful and are easy to incorporate into your practice at home or on the go.

Tea with Dates


Buddhist gongs are uniquely designed to create frequencies that coax the brain into a relaxed, focused state. This makes them incredible meditation tools, particularly for those who want to feel calmer and more focused as a result of their practice. You can also play the gong at the beginning and end of your meditation to start and end your practice on a calming note.



A Japanese rock garden, also known as a zen garden, is a unique tool that is perfect for those who want to meditate but don’t like the idea of sitting still and focusing on their breath.


A Japanese rock garden is filled with rocks and sand that you can rake back and forth to create different patterns. There are lots of portable Japanese rock gardens, such as this one, that can easily fit into your meditation room for when you want to find some inner peace in a new way.

Zen Garden
Japanese Garden


Meditation crystals hold a variety of healing properties and can add a special touch to your meditation practice. Some popular meditation crystals include rose quartz, which encourages love and trust; jasper, which is said to be empowering and supportive; and amethyst, which is said to be a healing and purifying stone.

Crystal Ball


Now that you know more about the best meditation tools for 2022, are you ready to invest in some new gear? Keep this list in mind so you know which meditation tools to buy to level up your practice and get more out of it.